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With CCTV systems now visible in many areas of day to day life, it has lead to an increase in the installation of systems not only for private dwellings, but all types of business and Schools are now deploying CCTV to guard against theft and to deter vandalism.

At Chesterfield we provide for the installation and maintenance of all types of CCTV systems for domestic or commercial use. These can range from HD Analogue systems, Full HD IP systems & Ultra HD 4K systems.

We provide the best solution to meet your requirements and budget, incorporating equipment from suppliers such as:

  • Panasonic
  • Verdant Technologies
  • D- link
  • Ajhua 

Our systems include fully functional domes cameras, and Hard Disk Recorders (HDR) incorporating the latest technology.

In addition we also offer IP cameras utilising the Ethernet to transmit SVGA quality images over LAN/WAN and the internet.



Access Control

Access control comprises of a range of systems from single stand alone door entry to multiple on-line access. Access control will also allow the flow of authorised people into your premises whilst denying entry to unauthorised visitors. Access control can prevent trespassers and opportunists from just walking into your premises, helps prevent stock loss, increases the safety and security of your employees or home and protects valuable information





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Structured Cabling

Enabling the connection of all telephone and computer peripherals in a single, easy to manage system, structured cabling is the most beneficial type of cabling. Preventing the need for an engineer to change the wiring when changing from one extension to another, structured cabling allows you to move from one extension to another with limited knowledge. It is essential in order to use VOiP, and so upon consultation, if you do not have structured cabling installed, we can install this for you.

Chesterfield associates can provide a quotation following an extensive survey to determine how many points are required, how the calls will be routed and how it will be enclosed.