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Our consultancy service involves an on-site analysis of your current telecommunications system, as well as a advice for which solution would be best for your business. We can design a tailored strategy that works for your business, no matter what sector you work within.

Chesterfield Associates will assess the specific requirements of your business to guarantee you are provided with the best solution. We will supply you with a communications package that meets your needs today and in the future.

Our Project Management will oversee each important stage of installation. From order processing to product training we will ensure smooth and successful implementation in all areas. 

With a broad range of telecommunications services such as telephone system installation in Surrey and the South East, and business support that includes training and maintenance, we believe we can find the solution that works best for you.


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The Benefits Of Switching To VOiP

Switching to a VOiP solution has a massive array of benefits. Aside from saving you money, VOiP can integrate into many popular CRM  systems and is highly customisable. Talk to Chesterfield Associates today about switching to VOiP.

Learn More About VOiP



Telephone System Installation In Surrey And The South East

Chesterfield Associates specialise in fitting all types of telephone systems. During the onsite consultation we will ascertain the ideal telephone system for you, depending on your business requirements. Once confirmed, our telephone engineers will plan and install your brand-new phone system and even train you and your employees on how to use it. This is aimed to be done with minimal disruption to your business.





 Maintenance And Diagnostics

We understand how important a working phone line is for your business. When maintenance is required we have a number of troubleshooting solutions to get your communications back online. We watch the running of your systems and can thereby diagnose problems before they come apparent to you, rectifying them where necessary. Through state of the art over the phone diagnostics tools and dispatching engineers onsite, we aim to maintain and fix any problems as soon as possible.




Telecommunications Solutions Tailored For Your Business

We provide telecommunications solutions for all businesses and local authorities in London, Surrey and across the South East.

From schools, to council offices and all types of businesses, we can plan and install telephone lines and new telecommunication solutions as well as provide employee training.





Tailored Training Provided For New Technology 

A speciality of our service at Chesterfield is tailoring our training subject to the individual, ranging from very basic to sophisticated training of a telephone system. We assess the prior knowledge of the client, ensuring our services are easy and manageable for them to use. We will help to familiarise them with the way to pick up calls, drop calls, and transfer calls so that they can use all the features that come with the telephone system and capitalise on the service we provide for them.  

Subsequently, we offer continued support after installation. Clients are welcome to contact us with any questions they may have about their new systems; we have an online hotline support for helping clients familiarise themselves with their telephone system. During our installation and training process, we provide tailored notes for the client, and we will always hold copies of these in case they ever need a new copy.

At Chesterfield, customer satisfaction is important and so we assess the needs of our individual clients and support them throughout their use of our services.









Sell To Your Customers While They Are On Hold

We offer a ‘Messaging on Hold’ feature to add to your telephone system, allowing you to play targeted sales messages to your customers while they are hold. This advanced feature is incredibly simple and easy to use. Contact Chesterfield Associates today to find out more about Messaging On Hold.

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