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Chesterfield Associates specialise in telecommunications, and are a one-stop solution for all your telecom needs. We value our unique Service and Support focus, ensuring that your experience is guided by our highly qualified project management team.

Client satisfaction is a top priority to us and so we work hard to provide you with the latest technology and the highest quality service.

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Telephone System Installations


 Broadband And Structured Cabling 


 VoIP Phone Systems Installed And Explained




IP Technology 

We offer installation and training in the use of VOiP technology in local businesses and local authorities.
VOiP is a cost-effective system that offers the capability of consolidating communications between offices.

 Telecommunications Company in London and Surrey

Call Recording

Our call recording technology is used in a wide variety of business sectors.
Our PC based solution provides call centres with a simple and reliable method of logging, monitoring or analysing calls


Telecommunications Company in London and Surrey

Messaging on Hold

We offer a ‘Messaging on Hold’ feature to add to your telephone system. This allows you to play targeted sales content from your telephone system whilst customers are on hold. 

  Structured Cabling

By enabling the connection of all telephone and computer peripherals in a single, easy to manage system of structured and well organised cabling - no more messy wiring!


Chesterfield Associates Telecommunications 




Working With Chesterfield Associates 


Our service begins with an on-site consultation, where we assess what you currently have and what you would like going forward. We design a system to suit each client, including the seamless process with regards to ordering telephone lines carried by our experienced provisioning team. Consequently, we coordinate engineers to attend the site of installation at a mutually convenient time for themselves and the client.

We ensure a proficient installation process, followed by a liaison with the customer to confirm their satisfaction, or to fix any problems they may have with their newly implemented system. Should a problem arise, all equipment is covered by our comprehensive maintenance warranty.









Telecommunications Company in London and Surrey Consultancy Service

If you need a new telephone line installed, a switch to VOiP technology, or some of the other telecommunications services we offer, it all starts with a consultation. Contact us using our enquiry form and we will arrange an on-site consultation to inspect your business property advise the best telecommunication solution for your organisation. 



 Installation And Maintenance 

Chesterfield Associates specialise in telephone system installations in Surrey, London and the South East; as well on site maintenance and over the phone diagnostics. We understand that your business loses out when you cannot communicate, so we are always prompt and efficient in our repairs, aiming to minimise downtime as much as possible.


 Telecommunications Company in London and Surrey

 Training Provided For New Technology

Switching to a new telecommunications technology can be jarring for you and your staff - Chesterfield Associates offer in-house training so that you and your team can adapt and embrace your new telecommunications solution with ease.




 Project Management

We offer a project management service that plans, designs and oversees the implementation of converting and installing new telephone lines, broadband and other telecommunications solutions for your business.


Chesterfield Associates Consultancy




 Let Us Find The Right Telecommunications Solution For Your Business

We work with local authorities and businesses in Surrey, London and across the South East to find the perfect telecommunications solution. We have experience working with the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham Council for nearly two decades, installing phone lines and telecoms equipment in schools, offices and more.

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 Reasons To Choose Chesterfield Associates 

Our telecom services offer the potential for clients to maximise the use of all the features available from a telephone system. We manage the rental of the telephone lines connected to the system, and the invoicing and billing for the calls that are made on that system. We then offer features such as messaging on hold, call logging and recording. Messaging on hold can be beneficial to a company as it can be used as a method of advertising. Call logging is useful software as it records all elements of a telephone call, allowing billing to be accredited to the correct party. Call recording helps companies meet the FSA guidelines, substantiating the legal requirement that all calls must be recorded.


Telecommunications Company in London and Surrey


Panasonic have proven themselves over many years to be the most reliable and flexible telephone system, and that is why at Chesterfield we mainly use Panasonic technology. Panasonic accommodate existing and forward-thinking technology, ready to facilitate the up and coming changes. These changes can be very easily implemented in the current system; even after several years they can be updated to conform to the regular technology advancements. This, along with the ease of use and reliability are the preeminent reasons for choosing to use Panasonic.  Alternatively to the traditional PBX phone systems we include in our portfolio, hosted VOIP solutions to meet customer requirements.

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